jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014


My clown hasn't got long hair. He'sh got straight hair .It's orange! He's got green eyes and a big red nose .And he's got a purple mouth! e's wearing a yellow hat  BY JACKSON.
My clown hasn't long hair.He's got short hair.It's dark and it's red! He's got black eyes and a big blue nose.And he's got an orange mouth    BY MAXIMILIANO 
My clowrn hasm ´t got  fair hair .He ´s  got curly  hair .It´ s short  and it´s  yellow! He´ s  got green eyes and  a big yellow nose. And  he ´s got an  orange mauth ! He ´s wearing a pink and violet  jacket and a yellow  and pink hat. 
                                                                          by Meli 
My clown hasn't got dark hair.He' s got curly hair.It's short and it' s red! He' s got green eyes and a big blue nose.And he´s got an orange mouth! He's wearing a yellow  T-shirt with black buttons.
                                                                       by Luca

My  clown    Hasn ´t gat  dark hair .  He  ´s got long hair . It s  ´ blue .  He s ´  got  blue  eyes  and  big red  nose . and  he ´s  got  a violet mouth . He  s ´ wearing a  violet  hat.
By  Yenifer

My clown hasn ´t fair hair.He ´s got curly hair.It ´s shot and it ´s blue!He ´s got green eyes and a big blue nose.And he ´s got red mouth!He ´s wearing a blue and white jacket and a black and blue.

By Cande.t

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